Now Google My Business Profiles Can Display Product Catalogs

In an update to Google My Business profiles, product catalogs will now appear in desktop and mobile search results.
Google my business
Early, product catalogs can only display in mobile search results. Now we know this isn’t a mobile-only feature.
Product catalogs are a new supplement to Google My Business pages, as they were first viewed in use in October 2018.
Businesses users can add products to a catalog with the help of a form in the ‘Products’ tab. This tool we can say, product editor
All items are added from the product editor are eligible to visible in the product catalogs of Google My Business pages.
After uploading a product, After people view the GMB listing they can able to browse through items in the new ‘Products’ tab.
What makes this feature even more valuable for retailers is that it’s free to use.
From the size of small to medium businesses can upload product catalogs whether they’re advertisers or not.
So any business can use product catalogs to make their listing more attractive and engaging.
Now that product catalogs appear on the desktop they’ll reach even more searchers as well.
product catalogs could not visible in Google Maps search results and I trust that is still the case.

Suuda Siva Nandini