Now Brands Can Sell Products Directly Through the Instagram App

Currently, Instagram is rolling out e-commerce for brands to allow them to sell products in the Instagram app.

Already they Checkout on Instagram and it is currently being tested in a closed beta with a select number of major brands.

Brands with the help of access to this feature can place a ‘Checkout on Instagram’ button to their product page of a shopping post.

Instagram Lets Brands Sell Products Directly Through the App

When users click on the button they will be able to customize various options such as size, color, and then they can proceed directly to checkout.

Both brands & shoppers should understand that users only need to enter their name, email, billing information, and shipping address at once.

Automatically Customer information will be saved in the app after a customer’s first purchase.

This makes so simple to shop, which turns makes it easier for brands to sell their products

Even Instagram can send notifications to customers when there are updates to their tracking information.

Why it’s Mean for Marketers?

This update is an honestly big deal as far as social media marketing is related.

Not only Checkout on Instagram is a way to sell products on the web. It’s also a route for brands to identifiable measure the success of their Instagram marketing efforts.

We have so many ways to estimate how much income is being made from social media posts through the use of tracking URLs. But it’s not the similar as the data gathered by selling directly through a social network.

Present, retailers are selling products on Instagram and they can see exactly how many sales they were generated from a particular post.

This new feature definitely changes the location of social media marketing and it will be more interesting to follow as it evolves.

Checkout on Instagram is rolling out now and it is only available to people who are in the US.

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Suuda Siva Nandini