Lets users can test/edit actual code in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool

Google’s mobile-friendly & AMP testing tools have been upgraded with the capability to test actual code.
Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool
Before, these tools can only support the testing of live URLs.
Being able to test code gives developers an opportunity to assure the site is mobile-friendly before it goes live.
If you fail the test right away you can always edit the code on the fly and immediately you can re-run the test.
When using either the mobile-friendly or AMP testing tools you can now toggle between entering a URL or pasting the raw code.
Prior to this update, users were only given the option to enter a URL.
Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool
Results of the test are delivered in the same fashion whether you’re testing a URL or testing code. There’s no difference in how the results are presented.
So this is a small but useful update that could end up being an essential step in the development process.

Suuda Siva Nandini