Google Search Console adds mobile-first indexing features

Google added your site switched over to mobile-first indexing date in Search Console reports.

This Wednesday Google announced that it made a few improvements to Google Search Console to help webmasters, as well as SEO, understand how Google is indexing their sites. For these improvements, you will be able to see if and when Google switched a site to mobile-first indexing/not.
In google search console under settings for a property, now we will be able to see which Googlebot is indexing the site, that means is it Googlebot Desktop / Googlebot smartphone. Here we have a screenshot:

User-agent for each report:
Additionally, Google will show you the user agent, that means Googlebot smartphone or Googlebot desktop, being used for reporting within Google Search Console’s various reports. The indicator shows up at the top right under “primary crawler.” You can see this in the screenshot below labels 1.

Chart annotations:
Google will show you in various charts when the site was moved from desktop indexing to mobile-first indexing. You can see this indicator in the screenshot below labeled 2.

Why we care:
This data helps SEOs, developers, publishers and webmaster clearly understand when a site was moved from desktop to mobile-first indexing. It helps us figure out any indexing or crawling issues and see if any rankings changed after the switch-over now that we can look at the exact date Google made the switch. Before this update, we couldn’t get notifications that specify the exact date a site was moved to mobile-first indexing.


Suuda Siva Nandini