Google Posts can now highlight customer testimonials in some countries

Let your customers point your business with a new kind of Google Posts.

Google has declared that Google Posts in select countries now it supports the capability to highlight customer testimonials. Especially reviews with 4 to 5 stars can showcase positive reviews left for your business.

“In some countries, Present Google My Business can provide suggested posts to help you showcase positive reviews. These posts are automatically offered based on 4 or 5-star reviews recently left for your business,” the company posted on Twitter.

we don’t know exactly which countries support this.

Why we should care:
Google Posts are the best way to get more visibility to your Google local listings in Google Maps & Google web search. It helps that showcase your business, highlight deals, events, new ideas and so much more. It is advisable for local businesses to check out Google Posts and now, with the help of new feature, you may have a chance to highlight your happy customers!


Suuda Siva Nandini