Google My Business messaging issues continue – DigitalMarketingTrend

Recently, I came out of the trouble of having my client set up Google My Business messaging feature and that time I was not able to set it up for him. Once when I start sent some emails back & forth with him to explain how to download the app & set it up, finally, he got the confirmation box to appear.

Google My Business messaging issues continue - DigitalMarketingTrend


Although, when I sent him a text message, it never displayed. If a user sending the message, I couldn’t receive any type of issue that it didn’t go through. I raised this up to Google at a recent conference & was told that this is an anonymous issue that is impacting listings that belong to location groups inside the Google My Business dashboard. This affects all my clients since we are using the agency dashboard & every client is inside a location group. This error appears to only be with listings that set up Messaging via the Google My Business app, not listings that set it up through SMS before Google removed that ability.
We have seen so many issues appearing with messaging seems to conflict with the fact that Google is pushing these features and highlighting them more to customers. I’m not sure why they would want to push it when so many pieces for merchants to manage it are still broken. One of the newest tests we have seen was pointed out by Sergey Alakov on Twitter. Later he marks out the message button with a “new” message.
Google My Business messaging issues continue - DigitalMarketingTrend
Finally, Google comes out to fix these issues soon. And We always love to start actually setting up this feature for small businesses, but it’s hard to recommend a feature that doesn’t work.

Suuda Siva Nandini