Google Maps Gets an Important New Feature – Digital Marketing Trend

One of the biggest criticism people have about Google is how it tracks your location even if you’ve asked it not to. The problem is that after you open Google Maps the company takes that data and keeps it. That’s alarming, but not entirely unexpected.

In Google Maps we have an option to “turn off location history” but what that does is prevent you from being able to see your timeline of locations. Google does, apparently, keep this data unless you hunt down a hidden option which is entirely undefined.

But, this might be unnecessary now because 9to5Google has been excavation through the beta code in the new Google Maps update and has discovered that the company is testing a new mode called “automatically delete location history”.

The new feature mode will automatically delete your location history without the necessity for you to enter a pesky menu and do it yourself. This is a good mode but arguably long-overdue feature which gives users to come back some control over how Google manages personal data.

The beta version is 10.10 and, we don’t have a chance that 100% guarantee that the mode will make it into any final version of the app. Google must be worried that the EU / other nations regulators are going to start asking difficult & expensive questions.

Besides, Google must, at this point, be aware that the public is becoming less and less tolerant of this kind of monitoring of their activities. It is likely also aware that the people who get upset about this sort of small thing will likely use a setting to stop it, but a number of people simply won’t bother. It’s the same reason Facebook doesn’t yet encode Messenger – the public simply isn’t demanding it vocally enough.

The Beta is live in the Google Play store even though the options to start using this feature currently aren’t.


Suuda Siva Nandini