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Google has added a “join waitlist” button to handpicked local restaurant profile pages. Canadian SEO Sergey Alakov spotted the new functionality, which is provided by Dine-Time. To participate, restaurants must have a Dine-Time account.

Do you want to Join the waitlist: 
The position of the button is in the same location as “reserve a table.” It does not clarify whether there will be two buttons, then, where waitlist functionality is also enabled.
When you Clicking on the join waitlist button that opens a screen to identifies the current wait time & enables users to input their party size. That’s followed by a screen confirming the user’s contact info. Then, Users can receive a text message updating them on their status.
Booking is a capability & uses case well-suited for virtual assistants & smart speakers.

Google enables ‘join waitlist’ for restaurants

Reserve with Google: 
Reserve with Google, which launched in 2016, allows users to book & pay for reservations without leaving Google’s UI. There’s a growing list of partners, & the program has global aspirations. Currently, outside the U.S. it’s only available in Canada.
Booking & payments are main to Google’s GMB engagement strategy for both consumers & local business owners. It may be more of a combined blessing for booking providers, who gain distribution but essentially become resellers for Google.

Why you should care:

There’s a hugely fragmented market of providers, mostly focused on specific verticals. Distribution has always been the main problem. However, Google, and to a lesser degree Facebook, is now merging the market & helping with distribution, which, in turn, helps providers with sales.


Suuda Siva Nandini