Google displaying image thumbnails in mobile search results snippets

Make sure you lighten up your pages so they benefit from displaying images in the Google search results snippets.

RankRanger is a Search Engine Optimization toolset supplier, reported that Google is displaying image thumbnails in the mobile search results snippets with greater frequency.
What are the image thumbnails?
In the mobile search result snippets, Image thumbnails are when Google shows in the individual search result snippet an image to go along with the title, URL and text description of the page. Below We have an example:
Google displaying image thumbnails in mobile search results snippets
Google’s message:
After we asked Google about this change, a Google spokesman told us “We always keep efforts on new ways to better Search with helpful visuals, and we encourage website owners to beautify their pages appropriately.”
Why it question:
Firstly, Imagine you have a search result listing in the second position and your competitor is in the third position. Achieved, right? Nope. But, Your competitor has an image thumbnail in their search result listing and you don’t have an image thumbnail. The searchers will attract image thumbnail so they may skip over your number two listing and jump to your competitor because of the image.

Suuda Siva Nandini