Google alerting SEOs to expect increases in errors in Search Console enhancement reports

Don’t anxiety if you see new errors and spikes in issues in the Google Search Console enhancement reports.

Google sent an alert in the Google Search Console data anomalies page that reports you can observe that increase in the number of issues and impacted items and/or pages starting on 3-April-2019. The actual reason is Google has started to gather data from more pages than it previously did.
Search console image
The announcement:
 “April 3, 2019: For most enhancement reports, data is now being collected from more pages than previously reported. Since you might see an increase in errors and affected items/pages on these reports,” Google wrote.
What it means:
 Google is trying to say SEOs, webmasters, developers, and site owners an alert that if they can observe increases in the number of issues and affected items or pages reported in these reports, that should be expected. Because of this it has expanded the number of pages it is looking at, Manually you will see a spike in errors starting on April 3rd.
Which reports are most impacted? 
Google said this impact “most” of the enhancement reports, which can involve reports like AMP report, mobile usability, products, jobs, and others. Google has not confirmed yet that which enhancement reports will not be impacted.
Why we have to consider:
 If you observe new errors, you can think that those errors have been there previously. Currently, that Google is addressing more pages and reporting on issues on those new pages, you can view those issues. These are not certainly new issues but once Google had not previously been surfacing based on the pages it reviewed.

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Suuda Siva Nandini