Google Ads Keyword Planner Currently Allowing Up to 10 Seed Keywords

Google Ads Keyword Planner has been updated with the ability to process up to 10 seed keywords when searching for new ideas.
That’s one of several new features in the latest update, which is designed to address common user requests.
Entering more seed keywords per search should allow users to discover a greater number of keyword opportunities.
More seed keywords may even result in more relevant keyword ideas as well.

Other New Features in Keyword Planner

The next time you log in to Keyword Planner you’ll be greeted with an alert notifying you of several new features.
Google Ads Keyword Planner Now Allows Up to 10 Seed Keywords
As someone who regularly uses this tool for keyword research, I think one of the most useful new features will end up being the monthly keyword trends reports.
You can now see trends for individual keyword ideas by hovering over the chart in the ideas table.
Previously, it was not as easy to view historical keyword data while searching for new keyword ideas.
I reached out for feedback from other SEOs who have had an opportunity to use the new features to see what they like so far.
Amy Bishop responded with thoughts on a few different aspects of the update.
There’s a lot to dig into with this update, and the feedback is all pretty positive so far.

Suuda Siva Nandini