Amazon Moments tool gives brands a new way to deliver loyaltycampaigns

Recently we got a small update that was Amazon launched Amazon Moments. Delivered as an API, the platform lets marketers create campaigns targeted at driving a specific action and, based on the user completing the action, deliver customer rewards in the form of digital & physical products available on Amazon.

How it works: 
The Amazon Moments API provides a self-service tool where marketers can determine a specific action they want a user to take on their website/app, and then choose an Amazon product/reward once the action is completed it will be delivered.
For example, Amazon says, if a fitness app developer knew that users who complete 30 workouts during a given time period are more likely to use up money on the app, it could identify users by giving them a reward for accomplishing this action. 

Amazon Moments tool gives brands a new way to deliver loyaltycampaigns

The Amazon Moments API helps marketers set campaign dates, add packages, reward products & customize promotional messaging on the reward landing page. Campaigns can be created across variable geographies, with rewards available to ship to Amazon users in more than 100 countries. 
Once a brand implements a Moments campaign on its app/website, users that complete the selected action will be able to redeem the Amazon Moment’s loyalty rewards within their Amazon account page.

Results so far: 
Washington Post, TikTok, Sony Crackle, Sesame Workshop & USA TODAY were among the beta users who have had the right of access to the Amazon Moments API during the last year. Sesame Workshop can use a Moments campaign to drive in-app purchases using an eBook reward.

“With Moments, we were able to connect our digital eBook offerings with our IAP offers to drive more profound engagement across the Sesame Street branded experience. It was seamless through iOS, Android and Fire OS and increased net revenue by sixteen percent,” said Sesame Workshop’s senior director of business development Lili Lampasona.

TikTok, its a social app for short-form video content, said it was able to quickly test & optimize campaigns to vibrate with its global platform — making it possible to award prizes without putting the burden of storing/shipping prizes on the company. Amazon says another beta user — an unnamed streaming video service — ran a Moments campaign offering $10 worth of rewards which resulted in two-times the likelihood of winning back a subscriber.

“An entertainment app and website enlarged their average daily users by 291 % and their daily chat messages by 79 %,” said Amazon.


Suuda Siva Nandini