Accelerated Mobile Page WordPress plugin now supports Stories

The latest update lets publishers create Stories without HTML, CSS or JavaScript experience.

AMP WordPress plugin now supports Stories
Google has just now brought Accelerated Mobile Page Stories support to WordPress publishers through its latest AMP plugin update. Publishers seeking to make Accelerated Mobile Page Stories will need to have the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin installed inasmuch as the Stories editor relies on features not included in core versions of WordPress.

Why we have to care about it

Enabling Accelerated Mobile Page Stories to be made through a plugin allows content marketers & producers to take favor of its looking rich, interactive format without the technical hurdles of learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
The AMP WordPress plugin isn’t have anything new, but the actual reason that Accelerated Mobile Page Stories can now be created on WordPress creates it that much more inviting for marketers who are already usual with the CMS. And, Suppose if you’re already using WordPress’ user roles to manage content from multiple contributors, those contributors can also create AMP Stories to beautify their content.

What we can actually do with it

Publishers using WordPress 5.0 with the recent version of the Gutenberg and Accelerated Mobile Page plugins are able to:
  • Make AMP Story pages by dragging & dropping blocks
  • Add elements such as text, videos, and images
  • Animate text
  • Set background color and opacity
  • Designate the order of AMP Story pages
  • Manage AMP Stories as part of WordPress

Suuda Siva Nandini