91 percent of Brands are Moving Toward In-House Digital Marketing

A new study opens that 91 percent of brands have changed at least a part of their digital marketing operations in-house. Cost efficiency, greater control, & increased clarity are amongst the biggest reasons for in-housing. Results of the study depend on the responses of 200 senior marketing decision makers from brands, in-housing agencies, and consultancies in Europe. 
91% of Brands are Moving Toward In-House Digital Marketing [STUDY]

Here are some other major findings from the study.

The state of In-Housing in 2019

Many companies are turning toward in-house digital marketing, citing financial reasons as the primary motivator.

  • 58 percent of brands are positive that they can run an in-house marketing team alone.
  • 96% believe that the availability of advertising technology & other tools have allowed more marketers to take marketing operations in-house.
  • 63% think that in-housing is a passing trend.

Clarity was also said to be the main reason for the in-housing shift. Out of those surveyed, 87% of decision-makers said they were worried about the level of clearness offered by media agencies. When it comes to changing digital marketing operations in-house, 56% of survey respondents say a lack of existing talent and skills to build a competent in-house team in the biggest constraint. There is also said to be a concern that in-house marketing could be an issue to creativity, with long term strategic goals being prioritized over short term Return On Investment goals.


Suuda Siva Nandini