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Where agencies can use marketing automation to form their brand and obtain new clients.

3 steps to signing more clients
In case If you’re reading this, options are that your agency is already using or regarding a marketing automation platform to help your clients increase their funnels of customers/prospects and win more business.
In spite of using it for clients, however, many agencies are still not using marketing automation internally to support their own business development strategies. Marketing automation is hands down the great tool for reaching the three “gets” that any agency needs in order to grow: Getting found, getting the meeting, and getting the business.
In this issue of Agency Perspectives from Sharp Spring, you will:
  • Firstly we have to know why you should use marketing automation internally for your agency in addition to using it for clients.
  • Find new strategies for producing awareness, leads, and conversions.
  • Then Get actionable tips for optimizing your lists, workflows, content library and more.

Suuda Siva Nandini